Customer Awards

Win an award for your SUSE implementation
and we'll pay for you to come to
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How to be SUSE's 2016 Customer of the Year

Our SUSE panel of judges will review each submission and select the customers who have the best story about how they've been able to define their future with SUSE solutions. Tell us how you have been able to operate more efficiently, create new products and services faster and, ultimately, beat your competition by harnessing the power and flexibility of open source platforms. You can tell us your story in one of these categories:


IT Transformation

IT transformation turns technological solutions into strategic business assets. From redeploying applications, re-architecting the infrastructure to leverage new technologies, and continuously improving processes with automation that takes advantage of infrastructure and technology advancements, learn how SUSE solutions help reduce costs, improve efficiency and provide IT services that deliver business value.


Business Agility

When IT is transformed, the constantly evolving IT organization becomes more agile. Uncover how SUSE solutions help customers quickly respond to changing business needs and lower costs by providing the tools they need to transform their infrastructure and improve business agility using the latest open source technologies.


Business Continuity

Mission critical applications and data must always be available. Discover how SUSE cloud, storage and high availability solutions reduce business risk with a resilient IT infrastructure that is designed to reduce downtime and ensure availability of business critical applications and services. SUSE’s solutions give businesses the capability and readiness to cope with whatever incidents may occur.

Nominations Close September 30

The Awards

This year there will be four Customer Awards given at SUSECON.

SUSE Customer of the Year 2016

One winner and one runner-up will be named from each of the North America, EMEA, Latin America and Asia-Pacific regions. The winner from each region will receive a free trip and complimentary SUSECON pass. The runner­-up will receive a complimentary SUSECON pass.
The winners will be invited to receive their award during a Keynote session at SUSECON in Washington, D.C.