Maximize your SUSECON Hands-On training opportunities and fine-tune your technical skills with these full-day hands-on courses designed to put you in the driver’s seat with the latest technologies from SUSE.

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It’s New to You: What’s in SLE 15

This course is designed to introduce the new features, functionality and procedures for administering SUSE Linux Enterprise 15.

Attendees will learn how SLE 15 differs from previous versions of SUSE Linux Enterprise, and how those changes will affect the way it is deployed and used.  Additionally, this course will prepare anyone with an existing SCA or SCE in Enterprise Linux 12 to take the exam to update their certification to the SCA or SCE in Enterprise Linux 15.

Presenter: Craig Cole

The Yellow Brick Road to Kubernetes

This course is designed to give an introduction to Nginx ingresses in Kubernetes and configuring the cluster network with Cilium.

Ingress allows you to have a single managed entry point into a SUSE CaaS Platform cluster. Cilium is the newest network solution for CaaS Platform. In this course we will set up an Nginx ingress and configure Cilium to provide both the security and flexibility that your Kubernetes network needs.

Presenter: Jason Evans

Clustering is easy with SLE, HA HA

This course is designed to give you experience of deploying and managing an HA cluster built using the SLE 15 HA extension.

First the important infrastructure components are discussed and the systems prepared for deploying the HA components. The cluster is then deployed and the basic functionality tested. Next applications are deployed to the cluster which involves configuring cluster resources, grouping resources, configuring constraints and configuring the applications for the cluster environment.

Presenter: Richard Mayne

Let the Eirini out of the Bottle

This one-day hands-on session will focus on the newest functionality in SUSE Cloud Application Platform: Project Eirini.

We will begin by installing the latest SUSE CaaS Platform. After installation, we will review its functionality with Helm and then install SUSE Cloud Application platform. We will look at how with the aid of Eirini, Cloud Foundry works best with Kubernetes to make a great application platform even stronger. All of these topics will include hands-on labs to get a richer understanding of how SUSE CaaS Platform and SUSE Cloud Application Platform work together.

Prerequisites: Attendees should have a basic understanding of Kubernetes and the Linux command line.

Presenter: Petteri Hakkarainen

“Bring On The Data!” SUSE Enterprise Storage

The old saying goes, “There are two types of disk drives: Those that have failed, and those that will.”  Your Enterprise surely can’t live by that mantra.  And yet, that’s what SUSE Enterprise Storage is all about.  SES makes it easy to laugh at trivial, trite, pithy mottos like that.  With this one-day hands-on workshop, you’ll experience just how straight forward it is to place your Enterprise confidence in the most sophisticated, reliable, open-source Storage Solution there is.  Learn of SES’s advanced features, easy-to-use Dashboard interface, and rock solid stability that scales out to meet your Enterprise needs.  In this course you’ll deploy, setup, and use an actual SES cluster.

Presenter: Craig Gardner

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