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How to Get Your Manager's Approval to Attend SUSECON 2020

You'd like to attend this year's SUSECON and you know this will increase your ability to provide value for your company. Sharing these reasons with your manager and gaining approval for business travel are your next steps. We're here to help! This is why we've created our SUSECON Attendee Value Toolkit.

Use These 8 Tips to Make Your Case for Attending SUSECON 2020

Integrate these 8 tips into your pitch for a fast-track to approval:

  1. Talk about how you will be able to increase your team's productivity by sharing what you learn from attending sessions and practical tutorials. With over 160 choices focusing on Enterprise Linux, Software-defined Storage, Application Delivery, and/or Cloud Solutions, you're sure to find exactly what your team needs.
  2. Emphasize how you'll optimize your time in finding the best and most complete solution(s) for your current and upcoming projects by connecting with over thirty vendors in the technology showcase, all within feet of each other, helping your business get what it needs in order to take action faster.
  3. Let your manager know you will find answers to your team's toughest business and IT questions by talking directly with technical experts and thought leaders from SUSE, SAP, Microsoft, Fujitsu, Dell, IBM, and others. There will also be ample opportunities for you to exchange information with peers from all over the world attending SUSECON.
  4. Point out the added value you'll be able to deliver after deepening your skillset with hours of hands-on training and certifying your expertise with any of our free certification exams. This will save your company thousands of dollars. Business and IT leaders will have a deeper trust in your team's abilities knowing that members of the team are certified professionals.
  5. Remind them that by learning about SUSE's product and solution roadmap, you will be able to help your team stay ahead of the curve today and into the future.
  6. Explain that you'll learn best practices by viewing live demos of open source innovations for you to bring back and implement for your organization.
  7. Share with them that the focus of the keynotes will be cutting edge concepts designed to help your company simplify, modernize, and accelerate innovation, all presented by Melissa Di Donato (CEO), Thomas Di Giacomo (President of Engineering & Innovation), Lewis Pugh (endurance athlete and UN Patron of the Oceans), customers, and SUSE partners.
  8. Offer to prepare and deliver a presentation to your team upon your return that shares your experiences and key findings (we've included a Post-Conference Report template below to help you get started).

SUSECON Attendee Value Toolkit

To get the conversation started with your supervisor, use this letter template prepared to help make your case.
Download the Letter

Complete this Post-Conference Report template and submit to your supervisor so they can see how valuable SUSECON 2020 was. You can also use this report as the foundation for a presentation.
Download the Report

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