Session ID Session Title Type PDF Video
BOV89296 SUSE Best Practices - Sharing Expertise, Experience and Knowledge Business Overview PDF Video
BOV89821 Lead with Linux: Flexible appdev and deployment solutions for the enterprise Business Overview PDF Video
BOV90887 IBM z Systems and LinuxONE - an Open Source Success Story - History, Current Status and Technology Outlook Business Overview PDF Video
BOV91257 Moving to the Public Cloud with SUSE Business Overview PDF Video
BOV91604 Microservices or not to Microservices, or what's the Chameleon say? Business Overview PDF Video
BOV91609 Getting to the Future: Upgrading Windows Desktops to Linux Business Overview PDF Video
BOV91679 Migrating Deployment Processes and Continuous Integration at SAP SE to a Future-proof Design Using SLES12, Chef, GitHub, OBS and KIWIs Business Overview PDF Video
BOV91705 State of OpenStack Business Overview PDF Video
BOV91777 Gain Control of Your Linux World - SUSE Manager Business Overview PDF Video
BOV91780 Mainframes in the Cloud Business Overview PDF Video
BOV92129 SUSE Security Certifications Case Study PDF Video
BOV92653 The Economics of Ceph based Software Defined Storage Business Overview PDF Video
BOV92750 Transform Your Data Center From Traditional to Software Defined By Doing Storage First Business Overview PDF Video
BOV99584 Overview of Microsoft SQL Server on SUSE Business Overview PDF Video
CAS89289 openQA - Helping SLE with Automated Testing Case Study PDF Video
CAS89294 Open Enterprise & Open Community - Empowering Each Other Case Study PDF Video
CAS91065 OpenStack and Magnum: Kubernetes as a Service for everyone Case Study PDF Video
CAS91227 How SUSE OpenStack Cloud helped Transform iLayers Service provision Case Study PDF Video
CAS91293 SUSE Enterprise Storage use case - Orchard Park Case Study PDF Video
CAS91402 Managing demand spikes in a highly flexible and agile deployment Case Study PDF Video
CAS91463 Tales from the Trenches: Ceph in the Enterprise with Novacoast Case Study PDF Video
CAS91545 Huge client SAP landscape transformation to SAP HANA on IBM Power Systems with SLES in private cloud Case Study PDF Video
CAS91596 High Availability in an SAP HANA Multi-Tier Cost Optimized Scenario Case Study PDF Video
CAS91630 Convert your datacenter to an Enterprise Public Cloud Case Study PDF Video
CAS91763 Use Cases and Best Practices Primer for SUSE & ARM Case Study PDF Video
CAS91938 SUSE Manager 3 & SaltStack at Tyson Foods Case Study PDF Video
FUT89013 SLES for ARM - What it's all about and the roadmap for the future Future PDF Video
FUT89014 SLES for POWER Trends and Roadmap Future PDF Video
FUT89903 Just Enough Operating System to kick start creativity Future PDF Video
FUT92704 SUSE Linux Enterprise Technology Roadmap Future PDF Video
FUT92706 SUSE Linux Enterprise Server for High Performance Computing: Keeping Pace with HPC Future PDF Video
FUT92707 SUSE Linux Enterprise High Availability: Towards Zero Downtime Future PDF Video
FUT92709 The Future of the OS - the OS of the Future Future Video
FUT92711 The SUSE Build Story - Image Building Roadmap Future PDF Video
FUT92712 Build Faster Applications - Toolchain Roadmap Future PDF Video
FUT92714 Have a Lot of Fun with SLES and Raspberry Pi Future PDF Video
FUT92715 Solve the Paradox: SUSE Linux Enterprise Live Patching Roadmap Future PDF Video
FUT92716 SUSE Linux Enterprise Server for SAP Applications Roadmap Future PDF Video
FUT92718 SUSE Customer Center Roadmap Future PDF Video
FUT92720 SUSE and Cloud Foundry Future PDF Video
FUT92721 SUSE and Network Function Virtualization (NFV) Future PDF Video
FUT92722 SUSE at the Point of Service Future PDF Video
FUT92723 State of Virtualization at SUSE Future PDF Video
FUT92726 The SUSE Manager Roadmap: A journey towards agile management of workloads in the enterprise Future Video
FUT92727 From Git to Cloud: SUSE’s vision for agile software development and deployment in the Software Defined Datacenter Future PDF Video
FUT95909 SUSE OpenStack Cloud 7 and Beyond Future PDF Video
HO85752 Implementing the SSSD using SLES12 and Active Directory Hands-on PDF Video
SPO91539 Best Practice: Hamm-Reno Group with SAP HANA on IBM Power Systems with SUSE Linux Enterprise Server Sponsor PDF Video
SPO97529 SUSE Connect – Real-Time SAP Monitoring with CanaryCode™ Sponsor Video
SPO97532 Running Your Largest SAP HANA Workloads on SUSE Linux in Azure Sponsor Video
SPO97983 Greenstack - Open cloud software from SUSE and IBM for LinuxONE and z Systems Sponsor Video
SPO98281 Maximize Reliability and Reduce Cost with SAP BWA in High Availability Mode Sponsor Video
SPO98283 Scaling Your SAP HANA Data Warehouse with Lenovo and SUSE Sponsor Video
SPO99055 SEP Backup & Recovery for SUSE SLES & SAP HANA – designed for SUSE Connect Program Sponsor Video
SPO99058 To Infinity and Beyond: Architecting your infrastructure for today and tomorrow's workloads Sponsor Video
SPO99060 2016 is the Year of Software Defined Storage – Are You On Board? Sponsor PDF Video
SPO99359 SUSE OpenStack Cloud and Cisco Application Centric Infrastructure Sponsor Video
SPO99540 How Fujitsu is driving "Digital Innovation" with Open Source? Sponsor Video
SPO99786 SAP HANA platform infrastructure deployment choices Sponsor Video
SPO99824 SGI Cloud Reference Architecture with SUSE OpenStack Cloud Sponsor PDF Video
SPO99873 SAP HANA Cloud Platform Grows Stronger through Adoption of Open Source Technologies Sponsor Video
SPO99874 Powering Modern System Management - An Overview of the Salt Orchestration and Automation Platform Sponsor Video
SPO99949 Accelerate Enterprise Cloud Strategy with Turnkey Hybrid Cloud Appliance Sponsor Video
SPO99950 Workforce file and print productivity powered by Linux Sponsor Video
TUT77531 SUSE Manager - Migration from 2.1 to 3.0 & more Technical Tutorial PDF Video
TUT77571 Cook your way to a Hyper-Converged OpenStack Technical Tutorial PDF Video
TUT83954 Improve security using 2 Factor Authentication with SSSD via LDAP, OAuth, Centralized SSH Keys and Sudoers Technical Tutorial PDF Video
TUT85751 The System Security Services Daemon (SSSD), SLES12 and Active Directory Technical Tutorial PDF Video
TUT88422 SLE12 Online Migration of Service Packs Technical Tutorial PDF Video
TUT88423 Upgrading SLES 11 to SLES 12 Technical Tutorial PDF Video
TUT88458 SLES 12 SP2 - What's New? Technical Tutorial PDF Video
TUT88459 SLE 12 - Modules, Cores and Build Services Technical Tutorial PDF Video
TUT88693 System Security Hardening Technical Tutorial PDF Video
TUT88811 Practical High Availability Technical Tutorial PDF Video
TUT88917 Getting Started with SUSE OpenStack Cloud 6 Technical Tutorial PDF Video
TUT89016 SUSE Enterprise Storage: Disaster Recovery with Block Mirroring Technical Tutorial PDF Video
TUT89203 SUSE Approaches to Building High Available Storage Technical Tutorial Video
TUT89383 YaST and AutoYaST make the difference Technical Tutorial PDF Video
TUT89539 Deploying SUSE Linux Enterprise High Availability for SAP HANA System Replication Technical Tutorial PDF Video
TUT89544 Oracle Products on SUSE Linux Enterprise Server 12 SP2 Technical Tutorial PDF Video
TUT89691 DevOps From a DevOps Manager's Perspective Technical Tutorial PDF Video
TUT89692 DevOps and the Open Build Service Technical Tutorial PDF Video
TUT89695 Ceph and Storage Management with openATTIC Technical Tutorial PDF Video
TUT89744 Simply Installing Ceph with Salt (and OpenATTIC) Technical Tutorial Video
TUT89889 Best Practices in Monitoring Technical Tutorial PDF Video
TUT89991 Setup, Usage and Best Practices for Optimizing Remote Graphical Access to your SUSE Linux Enterprise Systems Technical Tutorial PDF Video
TUT89994 Managing Configuration Drift and Auditing with Salt Technical Tutorial PDF Video
TUT90009 Tuning Your SUSE Linux Enterprise Server Virtualization Stack Technical Tutorial PDF Video
TUT90088 Managing SELinux in SUSE Linux Enterprise Server 12 Technical Tutorial PDF Video
TUT90442 Big Data 101 Technical Tutorial PDF Video
TUT90531 Integrating Identity with LDAP(AD/eDir) for OpenStack Technical Tutorial PDF Video
TUT90624 Networking in OpenStack Technical Tutorial PDF Video
TUT90846 Towards Zero Downtime - How to Maintain SAP HANA System Replication Clusters Technical Tutorial PDF Video
TUT91066 HANA for developers Technical Tutorial PDF Video
TUT91098 SUSE Enterprise Storage implementation experiences Technical Tutorial PDF Video
TUT91103 Getting started with Salt Technical Tutorial PDF Video
TUT91122 SUSE Linux Security Essentials Technical Tutorial PDF Video
TUT91175 Images, Gold, Silver, or Quicksand Technical Tutorial PDF Video
TUT91238 CephFS - A Filesystem for the Future Technical Tutorial PDF Video
TUT91264 Infrastructure-as-Code and CI Infrastructure at OpenStack Technical Tutorial PDF Video
TUT91266 Non-disruptive upgrade to SUSE OpenStack Cloud 7 Technical Tutorial PDF Video
TUT91274 Managing RH/Centos with SUSE Manager Technical Tutorial PDF Video
TUT91318 Popular Usecases of SUSE Manager in Heterogeneous Environments Technical Tutorial Video
TUT91467 Docker + Ceph = Happiness Technical Tutorial PDF Video
TUT91496 Live Patching Demo: Keep SAP Running When Patching the Linux Kernel Technical Tutorial PDF Video
TUT91501 VMware here to stay. How to Integrate it with OpenStack Technical Tutorial PDF Video
TUT91502 OpenStack Shared Filesystems Management (Manila) Technical Tutorial PDF Video
TUT91504 DevOps: SUSE's Innovative tools driving your CI/CD future Technical Tutorial PDF Video
TUT91546 OpenDOC: Automating Documentation Technical Tutorial PDF Video
TUT91573 Demystifying Kubernetes: An introduction for Sysadmins & Co. Technical Tutorial PDF Video
TUT91589 Networking approaches in a container world Technical Tutorial PDF Video
TUT91614 Fast SAP HANA Failover Architecture with a SUSE High Availability Cluster in the AWS Cloud Technical Tutorial PDF Video
TUT91637 Tame your logs with an ELK Technical Tutorial PDF Video
TUT91720 Troubleshooting your SUSE OpenStack Cloud Technical Tutorial PDF Video
TUT91782 Getting the most out of the 'btrfs' filesystem Technical Tutorial PDF Video
TUT91787 Building reliable Ceph clusters with SUSE Enterprise Storage Technical Tutorial PDF Video
TUT91800 SUSE Manager in the Public Cloud - Azure and AWS Technical Tutorial PDF Video
TUT92090 Building enterprise Ceph using HPE hardware and reference architectures Technical Tutorial Video
TUT92092 Benchmarking Ceph for real world scenarios Technical Tutorial PDF Video

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