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2013 Speakers

Nils Braukmann
Nils Brauckmann
President & General Manager, SUSE
Opening Keynote
Chris Hallenbeck
Chris Hallenbeck
Global Vice President, SAP Americas, Data Warehouse Solutions & HANA Platform
Opening Keynote
Jim Wasko
Jim Wasko
Director, Linux Technology Center at IBM
Opening Keynote
Michael Miller
Michael Miller
Vice President of Global Alliances & Marketing, SUSE
Closing Keynote
Lew Tucker
Lew Tucker
Vice President and Chief Technology Officer of Cloud Computing, Cisco
Closing Keynote

2013 Sessions

Session ID Session Title Type Presentation Download
CAS1381 Build with SUSE Studio, Deploy with SUSE Linux Enterprise Point Of Service and Manage with SUSE Manager Case Study PDF
CAS1413 Using SUSE Linux Enterprise to “Focus In” on Retail Optical Sales Case Study PDF
CAS1415 SAP OS/DB Migrations: Ease complexity of SAP Landscapes with Vblock Systems Case Study PDF
CAS1417 A Xen Cluster Success Story Using the SLES HA Extension Case Study PDF
CAS1421 Mass Linux Deployments Made Easy in a Financial Services Firm Case Study PDF
CAS1436 Just Queue Up: Retail Infrastructure Case Study - the Pick n Pay Experience Case Study PDF
CAS1457 SICOOB, the Second Largest Linux on z Implementation in the World Case Study PDF
CAS1509 Building a Business Case for System z Linux Case Study PDF
CAS1588 Case Study - Scaling a Highly Available Global SUSE Manager Deployment at Rackspace to Manage RPM and Debian-based Distributions Case Study PDF
CAS1589 A Carrier-Grade Cloud Phone System Based on SUSE Linux Enterprise Server and the High Availability Extension Case Study PDF
DHO1229 Hands On-Build Images/Appliances with KIWI Hands-on PDF
DHO1310 All Systems Go (Beginning Packaging) Hands-on PDF
DHO1311 Fire Up the Engines (Intermediate Packaging) Hands-on PDF
DHO1434 DevOps with SUSE: How SUSE Manager, SUSE Studio and SUSE Cloud APIs Facilitate Continuous Software Delivery Hands-on PDF
DHO1470 Launching Secure-by-Default SUSE Linux Enterprise Server on Amazon EC2 Instances with Amazon Virtual Private Cloud (VPC) Hands-on PDF
FUT1432 Easiest to Manage: A Preview of the Systems Management Stack in SUSE Linux Enterprise 12 Future PDF
FUT1253 SUSE Cloud 2.0 and Beyond Future PDF
FUT1260 The New SUSE Partner Software Catalog Future PDF
FUT1267 SUSE High Performance Computing Future PDF
FUT1268 Low Latency and Deterministic Execution - SUSE Linux Enterprise Real Time Extension Future PDF
FUT1269 High Availability for SUSE Linux Enterprise - Roadmap, Use Cases, Current Status & Outlook Future PDF
FUT1314 SUSE Linux Enterprise Server for System z-Roadmap Update Future PDF
FUT1370 openSUSE on ARM Future PDF
FUT1373 SUSE Linux Enterprise: Technology Roadmap Future PDF
FUT1374 SUSE Linux Enterprise 12 Highlights Future PDF
FUT1405 SUSE Linux Enterprise Desktop Future PDF
FUT1438 Register your systems with the new SUSE Customer Center Sponsor PDF
SPR1412 Collaboration with Microsoft: Why? What Technologies? What Scenarios? Sponsor PDF
SPR1454 Challenges for Backup and Disaster Recovery with SUSE in Physical, Virtual, and Cloud Environments Sponsor PDF
SPR1475 SUSE + IBM: The Perfect Combination for Your Linux Environment Sponsor PDF
SPR1617 Increasing Productivity with HP's New Infrastructure Management Platform - HP OneView Sponsor PDF
SPR1669 Intel and OpenStack: Contributions and Challenges Sponsor PDF
SPR1673 SAP Certified Cluster Integration to Run SAP Solutions on SUSE Linux Enterprise Server for SAP Applications Sponsor PDF
SPR1728 HP, SUSE and SAP push the limits of in-memory computing Sponsor PDF
TT1235 Petabyte scale out Rocks - Ceph as Replacement for OpenStack's Swift and Co Technical Tutorial PDF
TT1236 Managing RH/CentOS with SUSE Manager Technical Tutorial PDF
TT1247 Valuable Tips & Tricks Managing SUSE with YaST and AutoYaST Technical Tutorial PDF
TT1252 Continuous Integration of Systems using Open Build Service Technical Tutorial PDF
TT1254 Automating the Creation and Management of Cloud Workloads Technical Tutorial PDF
TT1255 Installing, Tuning and Deploying Oracle on SUSE Linux Enterprise Server 11 SP3 Technical Tutorial PDF
TT1262 OpenStack Insights; The Disruptive Nature of Open Source Cloud Technical Tutorial PDF
TT1270 Snapper and btrfs: The Next Steps from Pure File System Features to Management Integration and Compliance Technical Tutorial PDF
TT1312 Security Hardening Techniques for SUSE Linux Enterprise Server Technical Tutorial PDF
TT1350 Apache Authentication and Authorisation Against eDir and AD Using LDAP for “Neanderthals” Technical Tutorial PDF
TT1369 Trends from UNIX to Linux in SAP Data Centers Technical Tutorial PDF
TT1375 Wicked Network Management Technical Tutorial PDF
TT1376 How to Choose a Filesystem Technical Tutorial PDF
TT1378 UEFI Secure Boot Technical Tutorial PDF
TT1388 OpenLDAP as a Web Application Database Technical Tutorial PDF
TT1391 Survey of Virtualization Tools in SUSE Linux Enterprise Server 11 Technical Tutorial PDF
TT1395 How to Build an HA environment with Linux on IBM System z Technical Tutorial PDF
TT1396 Effective Consolidation of Oracle Databases on Linux on IBM System z Technical Tutorial PDF
TT1420 Using Crowbar to Deploy your OpenStack Cloud Technical Tutorial PDF
TT1422 Linux Clusters Made Easy with SUSE Linux Enterprise High Availability Extension Technical Tutorial PDF
TT1424 Behind the Scenes: How SUSE and openSUSE Collaborate Technical Tutorial PDF
TT1427 Integrate SUSE Manager with Your Other Monitoring Tools and Make It Part of Your ITIL Implementation Technical Tutorial PDF
TT1429 Protect your server with SELinux on SUSE Linux Enterprise Server 11 SP3 Technical Tutorial PDF
TT1440 Tools for System and Crash Analysis Technical Tutorial PDF
TT1449 How To Make Databases on SUSE Linux Enterprise Server Highly Available Technical Tutorial PDF
TT1453 Using SUSE Manager to Increase Security, Meet Compliance, and Reduce Risk Technical Tutorial PDF
TT1455 Using Linux Containers as a Virtualization Option Technical Tutorial PDF
TT1458 Troubleshooting Critical Linux Issues Technical Tutorial PDF
TT1459 Long Term Support Technical Tutorial PDF
TT1467 Partner Linux Driver Program Technical Tutorial PDF
TT1469 Securing your Xen Virtualization Environment Technical Tutorial PDF
TT1474 SUSE Linux Enterprise Server as a Virtualization Host Technical Tutorial PDF
TT1478 Deploy and Manage a Hadoop Cluster with SUSE Linux Enterprise Server and SUSE Manager Technical Tutorial PDF
TT1490 SUSE in the (Microsoft!) Cloud Technical Tutorial PDF
TT1528 SAP HANA on SUSE Linux Enterprise Server: Operating, Maintaining and Optimizing Technical Tutorial PDF