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2012 Keynotes

Nils Braukmann
Nils Brauckmann
President & General Manager, SUSE
Day 1 Keynote
Dirk Hohndel
Dirk Hohndel
Chief Linux and Open Source Technologist, Intel
Day 1 Keynote
Doug Balog Image
Doug Balog
General Manager, System z, IBM
Day 1 Keynote
Mike Miller
Michael Miller
Vice President of Global Alliances and Marketing, SUSE
Day 3 Keynote
John Igoe
John Igoe
Executive Director of Revolutionary Cloud and Big Data Solutions, Dell
Day 3 Keynote

2012 Sessions

Session ID Session Title Type Presentation Download
CAS1320 Leveraging Cloud Platform Services for Effective Software Delivery Case Study PDF
CAS1340 Cardinal Health—Innovation with SUSE Linux Enterprise Case Study PDF
CAS1441 A Case Study—High Availability from SUSE for Mere Mortals Case Study PDF
CAS1488 Migration of a Large Integrated Software Suite From Red Hat Enterprise Linux to SUSE Linux Enterprise Server Case Study PDF
CAS1500 The Penguins have Landed—Getting started with Linux on System z at Shelter Insurance Case Study PDF
CAS1626 Deployment Scenarios for SUSE Linux Enterprise for System z Case Study PDF
CAS1632 Trends from UNIX to Linux in SAP Data Centers Case Study PDF
CAS1638 High Availability for SAP on SUSE Linux Enterprise Server Case Study PDF
CAS1681 SUSE Cloud Use Case Case Study PDF
CAS1721 Continuous Provisioning and Maintenance with SUSE Manager and Open Build Service Case Study PDF
CAS1740 Block Storage for the Cloud, a Pilot with Enterprise Use-cases at BMW Case Study PDF
DHO1568 Open Build Service Workshop Hands-on PDF
FUT1304 From Local to Geo—SUSE Linux Enterprise High Availability Roadmap Future PDF
FUT1442 Ceph: Much More Than Just a Distributed File System Future PDF
FUT1521 openSUSE on ARM Future PDF
FUT1527 SUSE Cloud in 2013 Future PDF
FUT1581 What's New in SUSE Manager and What Is Its Future? Future PDF
FUT1620 openSUSE: The Upstream of SUSE Linux Enterprise Future PDF
FUT1621 Low Latency and Deterministic Execution—SUSE Linux Enterprise Real Time Extension Roadmap Future PDF
FUT1622 SUSE Support Programs Future PDF
FUT1625 SUSE Linux Enterprise Server for System z Update Future PDF
SPR1308 Simplifying Data Backup and Storage Management with SEP sesam on SUSE Appliance Sponsor PPT
SPR1484 MySQL Crash Course Sponsor PPT
SPR2080 Linux Migration, Enterprise Style Sponsor PDF
TT1301 Snapper and btrfs: The Next Steps from Pure File System Features to Management Integration and Compliance Technical Tutorial PDF
TT1303 Security Certification: Common Criteria, FIPS-140-2 and PCI-DSS for your SUSE Linux Enterprise Server Technical Tutorial PDF
TT1306 The Forgotten Step: Don't Stumble on the Way to the Cloud Technical Tutorial PDF
TT1307 Building Images with KIWI Technical Tutorial PDF
TT1309 An Introduction to OpenStack and SUSE Cloud Technical Tutorial PDF
TT1400 Building OEM Solutions Using SUSE Linux Enterprise Technical Tutorial PDF
TT1444 Troubleshooting your SUSE Linux Enterprise Server Technical Tutorial PDF
TT1445 Configuring SELinux on SUSE Linux Enterprise Server Technical Tutorial PDF
TT1460 YaST and AutoYaST Make the Difference! Technical Tutorial PDF
TT1480 Deploying SUSE Cloud Technical Tutorial PDF
TT1489 Xen and KVM Together at Last—in the Cloud Technical Tutorial PDF
TT1520 Lightweight Virtualization with Linux Containers Technical Tutorial PDF
TT1523 Virtualization with KVM: Capabilities, Best Practices and Guidelines Technical Tutorial PDF
TT1542 Building Images for the Cloud and Data Center with SUSE Studio Technical Tutorial PDF
TT1569 SUSE Linux Enterprise High Availability—The Not-To-Do's and other aspects for a successful High Availability project Technical Tutorial PDF
TT1570 Oracle Products on SUSE Linux Enterprise Server 11 Technical Tutorial PDF
TT1580 Keeping Thousands of Servers Secure and Compliant with SUSE Manager Technical Tutorial PDF
TT1582 The Retail Dream Team: SUSE Manager, SUSE Studio and SUSE Linux Enterprise Point of Service Technical Tutorial PDF
TT1583 Programming Your Cloud: APIs in SUSE Manager, SUSE Cloud and SUSE Studio at your fingertips Technical Tutorial PDF
TT1584 System and Crash Analysis Technical Tutorial PDF
TT1600 SUSE Linux Enterprise Server for SAP Applications Technical Tutorial PDF
TT1601 What is LibreOffice and How Can it Help Me? Technical Tutorial PDF
TT1604 Use Cases for SUSE Linux Enterprise Desktop Technical Tutorial PDF
TT1634 Securing Your System: Hardening and Tweaking for Your SUSE Linux Enterprise Server Installation Technical Tutorial PDF
TT1636 SUSE Manager Technical Tutorial PDF
TT1640 Crowbar: the Cloud Operations Framework Technical Tutorial PDF
TT1663 High Performance Computing and SUSE Linux Enterprise Technical Tutorial PDF
TT1680 Managing Complex Migration Projects to Linux – Criteria that Determine Success or Failure Technical Tutorial PDF