SUSECon sponsors are an elite group of technology partners who are an integral part of the SUSE ecosystem. Networking and consulting with these great providers will ensure you get the most from SUSECon.

Become a SUSECon Sponsor

SUSECon Sponsorships are designed to be flexible so that individual Sponsors can focus on the things that are most important to them. In 2014, we sold completely sold out of Sponsorship space, and we anticipate this will happen again in 2015. Feedback from 2014 Sponsors was extremely positive about the quality of the SUSECon audience, conference content and logistics. In 2015 the Sponsor experience will continue to be a rewarding sponsorship environment. Here are some reasons why the SUSECon sponsorship experience is so rewarding:

  • SUSECon attendees are real hands-on enterprise IT people who actually work with sponsor solutions as well as SUSE solutions
  • SUSECon loves our sponsors! There is no such thing as an Expo-only pass—we invite sponsors to participate in breakout sessions, keynotes, training and all aspects of the conference to increase interaction with attendees
  • Dedicated time blocks for sponsor sessions mean that you don't have to compete with SUSE content and presenters during sponsor breakout sessions times
  • 11 hours of dedicated Expo time in the Technology Showcase with attendees throughout the week
  • High-profile Passport program that delivers fantastic prizes is designed to increase both the number of Attendee-Sponsor contacts as well as the quality of conversations between them
  • Turn-key booths make it easy and more economical to sponsor
  • Sponsors are invited to participate in the SUSE Partner Summit on Monday, November 1

Early Bird Sponsorship Promotion

Download the SUSECon Sponsorship Prospectus and determine what level of sponsorship is right for you. Sponsors who confirm sponsorship before June 01, 2015 will receive a 5% discount off of their total sponsorship package. Confirm your sponsorship on line by clicking here or via email at susecon_support@suse.com

Sponsorship Prospectus

Download the SUSECon 2015 Sponsorship Prospectus and define your sponsorship today!

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