Join SUSE top executives, along with industry luminaries at SUSECon as they share their unique perspectives on the world of enterprise Linux. SUSECon keynotes take a penetrating look at the current Linux market, the latest trends in open source and the role of SUSE and our ecosystem partners in it all.

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  • Nils Brauckmann Photo

    Nils Brauckmann

    President & General Manager, SUSE

    Nils Brauckmann is responsible for leading the continued development and distribution of the industry's first Linux operating system. He manages development, sales, marketing, technical support and services for SUSE worldwide.

  • Michael Miller Photo

    Michael Miller

    Vice President of Global Alliances & Marketing, SUSE

    Michael Miller is responsible for growing SUSE's business globally through key alliances, innovative marketing and strategic business development. He has over 17 years of experience across a broad range of global leadership roles including senior management positions in engineering, product management, marketing, sales and business development.

  • James Staten Bio Photo

    James Staten

    Principal Analyst serving Infrastructure & Operations Professionals, Forrester Research

    We are pleased to announce that James Statin from Forrester Research will be one of the keynote speakers at SUSECon 2014.

    James provides insights into and best-practice use of cloud computing and next-generation, collaborative business intelligence often called adaptive intelligence. As the content lead for Forrester's cloud computing playbook, he advises IT leaders on public cloud platforms, CIO-level cloud investment strategies, cloud economics, hybrid cloud and cloud outsourcing (strategic rightsourcing), IT cloud readiness and business and developer engagement on cloud.

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