SUSECon 2014 Sessions

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Session ID
Session Title Type Presentation Download
CAS5624 Cost-effective IT infrastructure for mission critical systems built around SUSE and SAP Case Study PDF
CAS7318 A Geo Redundant Cloud VoIP Service Case Study PDF
CAS7545 Lessons Learned with SLES and SLERT at Lockheed Martin Aeronautics Case Study PDF
CAS7656 How DevOps can Boost Productivity Case Study PDF
CAS7701 T-Systems Leverages the SUSE Linux Capabilities in a Cloud Hosting Environment for SAP Case Study PDF
CAS7881 SLES for SAP Implementation Case Study PDF
CAS7901 Data Center Automation with SUSE Manager Case Study PDF
CAS7994 Ceph distributed storage for the cloud, an update of enterprise use-cases at BMW Case Study PDF
CAS8105 SUSE Cloud: Power your IT staff with an Infrastructure as a Service approach Case Study PDF
CAS8121 openSUSE—What's new in 13.2 and the Future Case Study PDF
CAS8700 Using SUSE Cloud to Orchestrate Multiple Hypervisors and Storage at ADP Case Study PDF
FUT7531 SUSE Linux Enterprise High Availability Roadmap: Secure your Data and Service from Local to Geo Future PDF
FUT7532 SUSE Linux Enterprise Server for SAP Applications Roadmap: From ERP to Big Data Future PDF
FUT7533 SUSE Linux Enterprise Server for System z Roadmap: Building enterprise IT with SUSE Linux on IBM Mainframes Future PDF
FUT7534 SUSE Cloud Roadmap: Becoming the Inside Cloud Service Provider Future PDF
FUT7536 SUSE Manager Roadmap: OS Lifecycle Management from the Datacenter to the Cloud Future PDF
FUT7537 SUSE Storage—Software Defined Storage Introduction and Roadmap: Getting your tentacles around data growth Future PDF
FUT7606 SUSE Virtualization Technologies Roadmap Future PDF
FUT7608 SUSE High Performance Computing Roadmap: HPC with SUSE Linux Enterprise Future PDF
FUT7610 SUSE Realtime Roadmap: When time *really* matters Future PDF
FUT7702 Advanced Systems Management with Machinery Future PDF
FUT8150 SUSE Customer Center Roadmap: What's coming up next? Future PDF
FUT8701 The Big Picture: How the SUSE Management, Cloud and Storage Products Empower Your Linux Infrastructure Future PDF
HO5604 Deploying MongoDB—a scalable, distributed database with SUSE Cloud Hands-on PDF
HO5893 Hands-On with Heat: Service Orchestration in SUSE Cloud Hands-on PDF
HO7574 Beginning Packaging Hands-on PDF
HO7576 Intermediate/Advanced Packaging using Open Build Service Hands-on PDF
HO7609 Deploy OpenStack; The SUSE Cloud Experience Hands-on PDF
HO7689 Implementing Linux Authentication and Authorisation using SSSD Hands-on PDF
HO7695 Automated Deployment of a Highly Available OpenStack Cloud Hands-on PDF
HO8025 SUSE Storage / Ceph hands-on session Hands-on PDF
HO8145 Hands-on SUSE Support and Maintenance Hands-on PDF
HO8995 Linux on System z Installation Hands-on Workshop Hands-on PDF
TUT5605 Deploying an elastic Hadoop cluster Technical Tutorial PDF
TUT5620 General system troubleshooting Technical Tutorial PDF
TUT5625 YaST and AutoYaST make the difference Technical Tutorial PDF
TUT5802 Rollback—Myth and Truth Technical Tutorial PDF
TUT6105 SUSE Makes It Easy to Run Enterprise Linux in the Public Cloud Technical Tutorial PDF
TUT6113 Troubleshooting Your SUSE Cloud Technical Tutorial PDF
TUT6117 Quick-and-Easy Deployment of a Ceph Storage Cluster with SLES—With a look at SUSE Studio, Manager and Build Service Technical Tutorial PDF
TUT6346 HA Monitoring "We are watching us" Technical Tutorial PDF
TUT6922 Reboot reloaded—Patching the Linux kernel online Technical Tutorial PDF
TUT6962 Software building needs? We're open! Technical Tutorial PDF
TUT7300 The Evolution of Linux Containers and Integration of Docker with SLES 12 Technical Tutorial PDF
TUT7317 A Practical Deep Dive for Running High-End, Enterprise Applications on SUSE Linux Technical Tutorial PDF
TUT7320 Highly Available 2 Node Cluster with KVM Technical Tutorial PDF
TUT7497 Common Criteria, EAL, FIPS, PCI DSS—what's all this about? Technical Tutorial PDF
TUT7500 A New Xen in SUSE Linux Enterprise Server 12 Technical Tutorial PDF
TUT7562 Networking—It's a Wicked World Technical Tutorial PDF
TUT7563 Systemd—the best thing since Marmite on Toast Technical Tutorial PDF
TUT7577 Securing Your System: Hardening and Tweaking SUSE Linux Enterprise Server 12 Technical Tutorial PDF
TUT7604 Build Platform as a Service (PaaS) with SUSE Studio, WSO2 Middleware, and EC2 Technical Tutorial PDF
TUT7781 Successful deployments with SUSE Linux Enterprise Server for System z Technical Tutorial PDF
TUT7941 Samba and Btrfs—A Snapshot of Progress Technical Tutorial PDF
TUT7951 SUSE Manager High Availability How-To Technical Tutorial PDF
TUT7955 OpenStack Deep Dive Technical Tutorial PDF
TUT7986 Managing SELinux in SUSE Linux Enterprise Server 12 Technical Tutorial PDF
TUT7987 All you ever wanted to know about memory optimization for SUSE Linux Enterprise Server Technical Tutorial PDF
TUT7988 SUSE Linux Enterprise 12—Modules, Cores and BuildServices Technical Tutorial PDF
TUT8018 Public Cloud—build, use, manage Technical Tutorial PDF
TUT8023 High Availability Storage Technical Tutorial PDF
TUT8050 Installing, tuning and deploying Oracle Database on SUSE Linux Enterprise Server 12 Technical Tutorial PDF
TUT8081 openSUSE Factory development process Technical Tutorial PDF
TUT8086 What's New in SUSE Linux Enterprise Desktop 12 and the Workstation Extension Technical Tutorial PDF
TUT8102 SUSE Cloud with Lenovo NeXtScale Technical Tutorial PDF
TUT8103 SUSE Storage: Sizing and Performance Technical Tutorial PDF
TUT8104 Best practices for High Availability clustering Technical Tutorial PDF
TUT8117 Migrating your infrastructure to the SUSE Customer Center Technical Tutorial PDF
TUT8118 SUSE Studio Onsite in the Datacenter Technical Tutorial PDF
TUT8120 SUSE Manager Troubleshooting and Technical Tips Technical Tutorial PDF
TUT8127 SUSE and ARM Technical Tutorial PDF
TUT8129 From idea to working deployment: A practical guide for deploying SUSE Manager Technical Tutorial PDF
TUT8138 SAPaaS: BluePrinting & Provisioning SAP using vCloud Automation Center & Applications Director Technical Tutorial PDF
TUT8148 Upgrading to SUSE Linux Enterprise Server 12 Technical Tutorial PDF
TUT8155 Best Practices: Linux High Availability with VMware Virtual Machines Technical Tutorial PDF
TUT8220 Virtualization Best Practices and Troubleshooting Technical Tutorial PDF
TUT8224 SLES 12 KVM—Taking Advantage of the Latest Features of KVM Virtualization Technical Tutorial PDF
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