IT transformation turns technological solutions into strategic business assets. Learn how SUSE solutions help reduce costs, improve efficiency and provide IT services that deliver business value by supporting and enhancing these transformational strategies:

  • Consolidating workloads onto fewer systems, improving efficiency and reducing costs.
  • Virtualizing the entire IT stack, including network, storage and servers to enable a software-defined data center.
  • Automating IT processes to ensure consistency and repeatability while increasing efficiency and responsiveness.

SUSECON 2015 Session Highlight

Migration of UNIX and Mainframe z OS to SLES

When IT is transformed into a strategic business asset, the constantly evolving IT organization becomes more agile. It can sense new technology trends, application demands or business needs, quickly respond to them and then adapt the infrastructure to address them. Instead of constantly fixing and reacting, an IT organization that can continuously sense, respond & adapt has increased value, and can experiment, use insights to experiment, use insights to make decisions, and quickly adjust operations and infrastructure to improve speed to market for the business. Uncover how SUSE solutions help customers quickly respond to changing business needs and improve business agility using the latest open source technologies.

SUSECON 2015 Session Highlight

Rock the Public Cloud

Mission critical applications and data must always be available. Discover how SUSE's solutions minimize downtime, reduce risk and enable growth by helping address three key areas of business continuity—resilience, recovery, and contingency. SUSE's solutions give businesses the capability and readiness to cope with whatever incidents may occur.

  • Resilience ensures business functions and support infrastructure are designed and engineered to be materially unaffected by most disruptions.
  • Recovery provides an additional level of protection giving businesses the ability to restore critical data/functions that may fail.
  • Contingency goes beyond the first two, as a built in "insurance" and/or "future proofing."

SUSECON 2015 Session Highlight

SAP HANA Fail Over with SUSE HA in AWS Cloud

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