IT transformation turns technological solutions into strategic business assets. Learn how SUSE Linux, management and IaaS solutions enable customers to reduce costs, improve efficiency and deliver IT services on demand by continuously advancing their IT infrastructure, technologies and processes.

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When IT is transformed into a strategic business asset, the constantly evolving IT organization becomes more agile. Uncover how SUSE storage, cloud and container solutions help customers quickly respond to changing business needs and lower costs by providing the tools they need to transform their infrastructure and improve business agility using the latest open source technologies.

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Day 2 Keynotes

Mission critical applications and data must always be available. Discover how SUSE cloud, storage and high availability solutions help customers reduce business risk with a resilient IT infrastructure that is designed to reduce downtime and ensure availability of business critical applications and services.

  • Reduce planned and unplanned downtime ensuring access to business critical resources.
  • Meet service-level agreements with advanced RAS and resiliency from the hardware to the operating system.
  • No single points of failure with a highly redundant storage infrastructure design that maximizes flexibility while reducing costs.

Day 3 Keynotes

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